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Creating your website

Sadly, websites don't just appear from heaven or anywhere else. They require a lot of preparation, thought, writing, editing, illustration and that's before you get to the technology. Wilde Designs can offer all of these skills at low cost, custom made and you can change it when you want to. You don't need any technical skill or to spend money to make the changes or to enter new information and/or pictures. Please click on the here for more details.

Design for your business

Your business or practice should look good, so the actual design - colours, fonts,logos and so on -need to look great and convey a sense of who you are in a glance.

Pictures and Photographs for your website:

Where needed Wilde Designs offers photography as well as drawn images for your website. We also offer photo reproduction of original artworks to support artists' websites and are able to produce high quality limited edition prints that can be sold by the artist. Yana Art is an example of this service, please click here to see the website.

Business mentoring:

Louise has worked with a many individuals, small and larger organisations helping them to deal with the problems and issues that both success and challenge bring to any company.

This includes:

  • understanding short and long term planning and strategy
  • helping to create support materials such as writing brochures, websites, marketing campaigns, presentations
  • management development: who supports the boss?
  • advising on staff issues such as recruitment, interviewing, staff development and staff problems;
  • planning business negotiations
    and more.


  • How to set up your small business or private practice
  • understanding the nuts and bolts of how to organise yourself and what to do on a very practical level. A series of courses are available as well as business mentoring either face to face or by phone. For more details of these courses please go to my business website ethical enterprises.

Individual mentoring:
Louise has worked with a number of individuals, supporting them generally in times of growth and challenge and sometimes with very specific issues and situatiuons.

To discuss your specific requirements please either call Louise on:


or e-mail her by clicking here.



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